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Assisting You Through the Agency Adoption Process

Many parents who wish to expand their family through non-traditional means will often consider the adoption process. When considering domestic adoption, many families will opt to go the route of an adoption agency, which can match prospective parents with children who need homes. Despite the fact that there are no immigration hurdles to go through like in international cases, the process can still be complex and strenuous, making the services of a skilled St. Louis County family lawyer invaluable to your case.

At Coulter Goldberger, LLC, we have substantial experience in all facets of family law, and have the legal knowledge you need to help you through every step of your adoption process. We are well-versed in the finer details of the laws and codes surrounding adoption cases, and we take pride on providing high-quality, reputable legal advice and counsel to families.

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Top-Rated Adoption Law Counsel

When going through and adoption agency, the process begins with the agency matching parents looking to adopt with a birth family based on a number of specific criteria. When a potential match is made, the adopting parents must go through a long and complex process in order to fully qualify.

  • The adoption process in Missouri is as follows:
  • Fill out and file an application for an Adoption Home Assessment
  • Await contact by a social worker to set up an appointment for a home study
  • Take part in the home study, which requires you to obtain and submit documentation including personal references, a criminal history background check, medical records, proof of financial responsibility, and a child abuse screening
  • Meet with the social worker at your home, where they will inspect your home for living conditions
  • Begin the process of visiting with the child—so long as they are happy the adoption can proceed until it is finalized, but this may take considerable time

The adoption process is a long and complex one, filled with a number of different hurdles you must clear in order to qualify to become an adoptive parent. We can help you prepare for the difficulties that lie ahead with our personalized and compassionate legal advice.

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