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Marital Agreements in St. Louis County

Drafting and Vetting by a St. Louis County Family Lawyer

Couples entering into a marriage may wish to protect their best interests in the event they would no longer like to stay married in the future. The state of Missouri allows individuals to do so by signing a marital agreement that specifies the possession of property, rights, and more. By signing one of these documents, couples can secure their most valued possessions in the event of a contested and litigious divorce.

If you and your loved one wish to consider filing a prenuptial or a postnuptial agreement, it is strongly advised that you seek out the assistance of a St. Louis County family attorney. The legal professionals at Coulter Goldberger, LLC have numerous years of experience in assisting couples looking to secure their future against the worst circumstances. Our team of highly-trained, fully-licensed lawyers can help you examine the circumstances under which you and your spouse are enter into your marriage and create a document that will protect your best interests.

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Premarital Agreements

Premarital agreements, also known as “prenuptial” agreements, or “prenups” for short, are the more common form of marital agreement and are signed by couples before they enter into their marriage. This involves both couples fairly and accurately disclosing their possessions entering into the marriage as well as their wishes and best interests in the event of a divorce in order for the agreement mediator to create an agreement that protects each of their best interests in the best possible manner.

Marital agreements can help you protect possessions such as:

  • Real estate/homes/vacation homes
  • Cars
  • Pets
  • Inheritances
  • Heirlooms

Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial agreements function almost identical to their prenuptial agreements with the exception that they are signed after a marriage certificate has already been signed. A family lawyer can also assist you in the creation of one of these documents to help protect each of your best interests in the event that you wish to dissolve your marriage.

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