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St. Louis County Paternity Attorney

We Advocate for the Rights of Parents

Fathers and mothers alike can face difficulties when it comes to the rights and responsibilities of paternity. Fathers tend to struggle with a legal system that often favors mothers in child custody and support decisions, while mothers may be pushed to fight for financial support from fathers who dispute the parentage of a child. At Coulter Goldberger, LLC, we understand that, in both circumstances, parents face significant legal obstacles in having their child’s parents legally recognized. Because this process can be so complex and full of potential pitfalls, we offer our legal counsel to both mothers and fathers who wish to establish paternity.

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What Does Establishing Paternity Accomplish?

A child’s legal father has the right to protect his rights and be a part of the critical decisions with regards to raising his child. He also bears some financial responsibility for the costs inherent to parenting, as well. The legal process of creating a paternity action ensures that this parent-child relationship is observed. Unmarried parents frequently encounter this issue. As St. Louis County lawyers, we are sensitive to you and your family’s particular needs, and we work with you to come up a practical solution.

Paternity offers these rights and responsibilities:

  • The right to pursue custody
  • The right to a visitation schedule
  • The responsibility to provide financially as well as emotionally for the child
  • The responsibility of paying child support, if the court has ordered it
  • The responsibility of creating a parenting relationship with the child

Once paternity has been determined, then the father or mother can petition for any of the above to assert his or her rights. A judge must review the case to declare the father, issue a decree on child support, and create a schedule for custody. Other relevant matters, such as how the child will be raised and the decision-making process behind that, will be issued as well.

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A child’s identity and livelihood are often dependent on their parents. A solid parent-child relationship can build the foundation that the child needs to survive and succeed in the future moving forward. By having a knowledgeable St. Louis County family lawyer, you can increase your chances of resolving the paternity matter promptly. Our approach is to listen to our clients and get to know their side of the story.

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