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St. Louis Modifications Lawyer

How Can I Make Changes to Court Orders?

You can petition to modify a court order rendered in a family law settlement, including child custodychild support, or spousal support. It may be necessary as life circumstances and the needs of your family changes. Coulter Goldberger, LLC offers supportive and compassionate legal counsel. We recognize that all families have unique situations, requiring a personalized plan of action. Our attorneys take pride in walking through all of the steps in helping you achieve your goals.

How To Petition For A Modification

Not every court order that issued after a divorce settlement is set in stone. The courts do recognize that life circumstances change, and thus will allow for some family law matters to be modified. We always advise making the important decision to modify your court orders is best made with counsel from a St. Louis County family lawyer.

Modification matters may include the following:

  • Revision of the custody agreement
  • Revision of the visitation schedules
  • Revision of the amount of required spousal maintenance
  • Determining which parent is responsible for certain payments, such as contributing to the child’s college fund
  • Changing the terms of spousal or child support due to changes in circumstances such as income
  • Deny custody or visitation due to domestic violence, drug abuse, or neglect

Sometimes, modifications can be accomplished without the need of going to court. Coulter Goldberger, LLC encourages families to discuss their options as much as possible before taking the case to litigation. Smaller issues, in particular, such as changing the date of visitation, can be decided amongst parents, whereas the larger ones involving domestic violence or revoking visitation rights altogether will need to be taken to court.

Hire Our Attorneys For Your Modification Matter

We have a thorough understanding of how the Court evaluates matters and know what is required to prove that your case matter requires modification. There may be many deadlines and other time-sensitive issues that can affect the outcome of your case. Appointing a family law attorney to your case can ensure that your rights are protected and that the need to modify reflects the changes in your life.

To get started, please contact  Coulter Goldberger, LLC today and request a free review of your case. We look forward to hearing from you!