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St. Louis County Spousal Maintenance Lawyer

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What was once commonly termed as alimony, spousal maintenance is something that can be awarded by the courts during a divorce or legal separation in Missouri. At Coulter Goldberger, LLC, LLC, our St. Louis County family law lawyers have extensive experience counseling individuals through these types of family law issues.

We can first seek to pursue a solution in mediation or through another collaborative effort between both parties. If litigation is necessary, we have a great deal of experience routinely litigating cases all over the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, Southeast Missouri, and in various Missouri Courts of Appeals.

Reach out to our St. Louis County family law attorneys to discover how we can help you seek the spousal maintenance that you need.

Determining Spousal Maintenance In Missouri

Missouri law allows for a spouse to seek support from their ex-spouse depending upon certain factors, including:

  • How long the couple was married
  • Each spouse’s behavior during the time they were married
  • Their standard of living
  • The extent of each spouse’s earning capability
  • Their financial resources

Under Missouri state law, the courts will still take into consideration all marital behavior between both spouses, including acts of adultery, when determining the amount of spousal maintenance. In some cases, spouses will be awarded temporary maintenance to cover the time that the legal separation or divorce is still in limbo and awaiting the decision of the court.

Is There A Set Amount Of Time Spousal Maintenance Must Be Paid?

Typically maintenance does not have a set end date, unless both spouses agree on one during the initial divorce proceedings. Doing so will make it more difficult for either spouse to modify their spousal maintenance arrangement later on.

The only two events that will terminate spousal maintenance, other than a court order, include:

  • The spouse who is a dependent chooses to remarry
  • The death of either spouse

If your circumstances change significantly at any point after your maintenance has been determined, you may petition for a modification with the court. Our St. Louis County family law lawyers can represent your rights both in and out of court.

Reliable Representation From Our St. Charles &Amp; Clayton Divorce Attorneys

Whether you are currently in the midst of a divorce or you need assistance making modifications to your current divorce agreement, our legal team at Coulter Goldberger, LLC can provide you with personalized legal solutions that fit your best interests. It is our goal to protect your rights, either by helping to make sure that you do not have to pay higher maintenance than what is required or to ensure that you receive an adequate amount to cover your daily expenses.

Allow us to work with you, providing you with the advice and counsel to make the best decisions for your future and your family. Our lawyers have been rated among some of top attorneys in the state and regarded for our work throughout Missouri.

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