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St. Louis County Child Support Attorney

Child support is one of the most hotly contested family law matters. Arising in the wake of a divorce, legal separation, or as a central argument in a paternity case, determining child support is a sensitive matter that requires equally sensitive support to bring about a compromise.

At Coulter Goldberger, LLC, we understand the emotional and sensitive nature of these types of legal matters. We recognize your family’s unique dynamic and tailor our approach to legal representation to best suit your family’s individual needs. From there, we can listen to your concerns, advise you on how to move forward, and litigate on your behalf if a favorable resolution is not reached out of court.

  • As your trusted legal advisors, we can offer the following:
  • Completely free one-hour consultation
  • Evening and weekend appointments, per request
  • Counsel focused on peaceful resolutions
  • Aggressive trial counsel, if necessary

As always, we encourage all prospective clients to contact our St. Louis County family law lawyers if there are any questions about child support matters. Call 314-675-1065 to speak with us confidentially!


Child Support Considerations

The courts evaluate child support payments and responsibility for those payments based on a variety of factors. Mostly, it will be based on the child’s needs, the child’s livelihood prior to the parent’s divorce or separation, and how much each parent can contribute.

Other factors may include the following:

  • Each parent’s respective income
  • The cost of health insurance
  • Daycare costs
  • How many children the couple shares
  • The amount of time each parent can spend with the child

Typically, child support is paid until the child turns 18 years old, although can continue until the child reaches 21 or beyond under certain circumstances. Parents still have a chance to modify the terms of the child support agreement after a significant life change has occurred. This can be anything from losing or gaining a job, to relocating, or other circumstances that may make it difficult to continue paying under the current terms.

Caring Family Lawyers in St. Louis County

As always, you can request a free case consultation from our team at Coulter Goldberger, LLC to assist with your child support case. We offer our clients world-class legal advice with regards to their situation because we truly care about others’ needs. We communicate with our clients and their families about every facet of their case and strive to work towards their goals.

Your needs come first! Request your free case review today.