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St. Louis County Divorce Attorneys

Coulter Goldberger, LLC has guided hundreds of clients through the mediation process. If you need legal assistance with a divorce or family law situation, we can provide diligent representation. Our compassionate St. Louis County divorce lawyers can discuss your options and help you make informed decisions regarding your case. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

What You Need To Know About Mediation

Mediation is the process where two parties attempt to settle disagreements through a third party mediator, usually an attorney or former Judge. Some people believe it provides a less adversarial path to allowing parties to come to an agree on issues, including the division of property, child supportchild custody, visitation rights, or other matters in dispute in divorce and family law. Mediation and other forms of collaborative family law have grown in popularity recently.

Mediation has many benefits:

  • It can be used to settle all major and minor issues
  • It can be used to avoids to avoid stress and expenses of the litigation process
  • It can be relatively inexpensive and quick
  • It can be used to allows parties to work together to reach solutions

Mediation is often a constructive, effective process. Many believe it resolves issues in a way that benefits both parties, and promotes communication and cooperation. Having experienced legal counsel throughout the process can help ensure all issues are dealt with in a way that protects your interests. At Coulter Goldberger, LLC, our St. Louis County family law attorneys have represented numerous clients through mediation, and we can provide knowledgeable legal advice from start to finish.

The Mediation Process

In mediation, an independent mediator will preside over the process. The mediator will establish ground rules, promote communication, and ensure all issues are handled. Unlike arbiters, who make decisions regarding cases, mediators do not make final decisions. They simply facilitate the process and allow both parties to reach settlements.

During mediation, each party will disclose opinions and concerns about various issues, and the mediator will then encourage constructive communication to discuss the matters. After negotiation, the mediator will put the agreement, if one is reached, in writing. This can then be incorporated into a Judgment making the agreement enforceable.

Mediation can be done even when both parties are overly emotional or antagonistic. In such a situation, have the right mediator can make a significant difference in the mediations affectiveness. There,mediators will separate the parties into different rooms and will go back and forth in private discussions to help reach a conclusion. If no agreement can be reached through mediation, the case may go to court.

Seek A Favorable Solution With The Help Of Our Lawyers

At Coulter Goldberger, LLC, we are passionate about meeting clients’ legal needs. While mediation can be less formal and more cooperative than litigation; Although, it is still important to have legal representation to ensure you know your rights and ensure your rights and interests are protected. Our St. Louis County divorce attorneys have guided hundreds of clients through mediation. We can discuss your options and stand by your side every step of the way.

Call our office today at 314-675-1065 for diligent, tenacious representation in a family law or divorce matter.