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Father’s Rights

Our St. Louis County Divorce Lawyers Can Help Assert Your Rights

We can represent you in the pursuit of the following types of adoptions:If you are an unmarried father who is struggling to assert your parental rights to a hostile co-parent or their family, you may feel as if you have little legal recourse to establish your role in your child’s life. Missouri laws are not known to be forgiving in these circumstances and, if certain conditions are not met, a mother or guardian of a child may override the claims of a father and essentially cut him out of his own son or daughter’s life.

In these situations, it is critical that fathers have legal counsel is well-versed in father’s rights issues and how to restore or assert those rights both in and outside the courtroom. At Coulter Goldberger, LLC, our St. Louis County divorce attorneys are well-acquainted with the challenges unmarried fathers face in Missouri and how to put forth compelling and thorough arguments in their favor.

Want to learn more about your father’s rights during this uncertain time? Call us today at 314-675-1065 to start exploring your options.

Difficult Situations For Fathers

Because mothers give birth, their parentage is seldom challenged. Fathers, on the other hand, can be shut out of child’s life by mothers and other family members unwilling to recognize their right to maintain a role in their children’s’ lives. Unfortunately, it is surprisingly easy to enforce this lack of access for the father under Missouri law.

We can represent you in the pursuit of the following types of adoptions:

  • Stepparent adoptions: This type of adoption involves a child’s step-parent taking over the rights and responsibilities of the child’s biological parent, whether that be the role of a mother or father.
  • Adoption through an agency: This adoption process starts with a relationship between a birth parent and an adoption agency. Prospective adoptive families will work closely with the agency until they are potentially chosen by a birth parent.
  • International adoptions: This process involves adopting a child from another country and requires working with an international agency.
  • Private adoptions: This occurs when adopting families and birth parents locate each other through their own resources. This may include inter-family placement, adopting a friend’s baby, and other related circumstances.

Even if an unmarried father is facing one (or several) of these conditions listed above, they may still have legal options. Call our dedicated and knowledgeable team today—we’re ready to hear your story and diligently pursue effective legal solutions on your behalf.

It can be possible to secure a significant place in your child’s life. Contact us today to speak with our advocates.