What Is an Initial Consultation?
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What Is an Initial Consultation?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Uncategorized

When you need an attorney for a family law issue, you will likely not be short of options, and this is a good thing. A family law matter is a serious issue that will have a tremendous impact on your life. You will be placing a lot of trust in the person you retain as your lawyer to represent your interests, and protect your custody rights and your claim to your most valuable possessions. It is important to find an attorney that has the experience and knowledge to advise you, the rapport to allow for open communication, and is not afraid to give you an honest and accurate appraisal of your case and realistic expectations. Each family law matter begins with an initial consultation.

During this meeting, you will have the full attention of the attorney, and be able to discuss your case with them at liberty. These consultations are confidential and protected by privilege. Being as detailed and honest as possible will give your attorney the ability to find the facts they need to determine how your case may unfold, and determine whether or both of you want to begin an attorney-client relationship.

You should feel comfortable communicating with your attorney. During the initial consultation, ask your prospective lawyer as many questions as you would like. This will allow you to determine if you wish to have them represent you. Bring a list of well thought out questions that you have related to your potential case. Your prospective attorney should do their best to answer your questions. There may be certain questions that cannot be given a concrete answer at that time, and that attorney should tell you why there may not be a definitive answer, when they can give you a better answer, and what factors may influence that answer.

While it’s true that you should be the one in charge of your case from start to finish,your attorney’s job is to provide you with reputable counsel and aid you in making decisions throughout your case. Choosing an attorney that allows you to make informed decisions is the best route to achieving your goals. A key element to making informed decisions is knowing whether you have reasonable expectations and realistic goals. Operating with unreasonable expectations, like having bad advice, can impede your ability to make reasoned, beneficial decisions relevant to your case.

If you feel as though that attorney may not be the best fit for your needs, then you know that you should consider other options. Most reputable attorneys are not afraid to recommend other qualified attorneys.

At Coulter Goldberger, LLC, we offer our initial consultations completely free of charge. We recognize how stressful a family law issue can be, which is why we want to provide you with a no-risk environment when considering our firm. We recognize how important an attorney-client relationship is, which is why we want you to be absolutely sure we are the right choice before agreeing to retain us. Our attorneys take pride in providing each of our clients with exceptional client service and legal acumen, which is why we are confident you’ll be wowed beginning with your first meeting.

Ready to schedule your initial consultation? Call Coulter Goldberger, LLC today at 314.309.2377.