Mistakes You Should Avoid During Divorce
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Mistakes You Should Avoid During Divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Family Law

Divorce is one of the most emotional experiences a person can go through, no matter which spouse initiated it or if it was mutually agreed upon. Given the intense feelings people tend to have at this time, it is easy to make a mistake during this complex legal process. Unfortunately, many of these mistakes can have a serious impact on the outcome of a divorce settlement, causing a negative ripple effect on one’s future.

Here are some of the most common divorce mistakes you should make an effort to avoid:

  • Using the court system to get back at your ex: You might feel a lot of anger toward your spouse, but using the court to exact revenge on him or her may backfire on you. For example, if you are fighting over property or assets that mean nothing to you simply because you know they are meaningful for your spouse, will cause you to spend more time in the court process, inflate your own costs, and may cause your spouse to take the same approach on items they know you value. If you share children with your spouse, turning your divorce into a mission for revenge may also impact them and add to their stress.
  • Speaking negatively about your ex to your kids: You should also avoid saying negative things about your ex to your children or to other in front of your children. If you feel the need to vent about your spouse or your case, there are better resources available. You can go to a therapist or talk to a trusted friend or relative (Be mindful to the discoverability of statements made about your spouse. If you have questions about discovery, please talk to your attorney.) Things might not have worked out with your spouse, but he or she will always be a parent to your children. Bad mouthing him or her to your kids will only hurt them and make it more difficult to cope with an already challenging situation. Making negative statements about the other parent may also damage your relationship with your children.
  • Being dishonest in court to hide assets: As much as you might want to hold onto certain assets to keep them from getting divided, doing so will hurt you in court. It can lead to many adverse outcomes including but not limited to a loss of credibility with the court, a judgment that is subject to being set aside, a order favoring the opposing party, and an award of attorneys fees. Lying in court will never do you any favors, so be honest and hire an experienced attorney to help you achieve the results you want instead of resorting to actions that can cost you.
  • Not complying with court orders: As soon as the divorce process begins, the court may issue a number of orders regarding issues like child custody and spousal support. It is crucial that you are in full compliance with the court’s orders, regardless of how you feel about them. Otherwise, you might end up in contempt.

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