Should Stay Off Social Media During Your Divorce
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Should Stay Off Social Media During Your Divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | Divorce

Social media is pretty ubiquitous these days. It sometimes seems as though most of our friends, relatives, or acquaintances are engaged in online sharing.While social media is a great tool for networking with new friends and staying in contact with old ones, it can also harm you if you are in the middle of legal proceedings, such as a divorce. Whatever you share, or other share about you, on social media can ultimately come back to haunt you and prevent you from achieving the results you are seeking. You may have a difficult decision on whether participating in social media is worth the risks involved.

Here are a few of the reasons why it would be wise to avoid using social media for the time being:

  • What you post can easily be misinterpreted: Many people make some rather frivolous and seemingly benign posts, but even those can be taken out of context and twisted into something harmful. It is even possible for pictures to be taken out of context and turned against you. For example, if you post a picture of yourself at a bar or with alcohol in the room, your spouse could potentially use this in court to claim that you party too frequently, drink too much, and are reckless.
  • Your social media post could contradict something you said in court: Did you claim that you are unable to afford spousal support or that you are basically broke? If you make a post on social media, showing off a big purchase or talking about a lavish vacation you just took, you are going to look dishonest to a judge. You might even be accused of hiding assets.
  • Your posts dive into the gory details of your divorce: Divorce is an emotional subject and it is easy to get carried away and write up a long rant about how terrible your spouse is or how much you despise him or her. This is only going to make you look bad in court. If you share children, a judge might also think you are unwilling to cooperate with your spouse as a co-parent, which can affect your ability to secure the custody or visitation rights you desire. Depending on the age of your children, the judge may have concerns about your children accessing these posts.
  • Your loved ones made a post about you: This can be a more difficult to manage or control. One way to protect yourself is by not allowing anyone to tag you in their posts. However, if your spouse shares any mutual friends with you, he or she might see it anyway, so make sure you speak to your closest friends and family members and ask that they respect your privacy and abstain from making any posts about you or your divorce.

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